Visit the spectacular Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta GA

Atlanta buzzes with so much life, great music, fascinating restaurant and fantastic vacation spots but nothing seems to capture the interest of wildlife and oceanographers as much as the Georgia Aquarium. This aquarium stands in a class of its own as it has experiences tailored to the needs of all age groups. From preschoolers all the way to the aged, there is a program or two that would leave you fascinated in this spectacular Aquarium.
This non-profit aquarium presents educational facts about life in the ocean to all visitors, thereby ensuring an improved cause for ocean conservation and biodiversity. It is also a research institute for environmental conservation that relies on support to further its cause. Some of the amazing program the aquarium offers includes the following.

1. Swim with the Whale Shark: What even is a whale shark? This is a common question most first-time visitors ask. These glorious giants are a spectacle to behold at the Georgia Aquarium as they are the world’s largest fish. Guests are provided with ample diving gears to enable them to swim at the surface and at considerable proximity to these creatures. This experience is peculiar to Atlanta Georgia as it is found nowhere else in the world. Visitors also have the opportunity to receive certificates of participation and a souvenir photo.

2. Beluga Interaction program: Although beluga whales s are arctic creatures, the Georgia Aquarium has created a comfortable habitat to house these spectacular creatures and showcase them to the world. With the aid of competent beluga trainers, guests are given first-hand interactions with beluga whales as they step into the beluga whales’ Atlanta GA habitat and learn about the peculiarities of caring and training them. This sort of interactive experiences sensitizes people about the negative effects our unsustainable commercial practices are having on other inhabitants of our plants such as the beluga whales. Some of these effects include greenhouse gases emissions, ozone layer depletion, water pollution etc.

3. Penguin Encounter: Play with Happy Feet! These kids favorite program brings the arctic into Atlanta GA as these beloved penguins are introduced to the human population. Within their Cold Water Quest gallery, guests learn about the biology of these creatures, their peculiarities and the care they receive at the facility. This 30 minutes session leads to an all-round appreciation of the uniqueness of these birds and their effect in balancing the global ecosystem.

4. Dolphin Encounter: Arguably one of the cutest and smartest animals in existence, dolphins hold a special place in the hearts of many. The Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta GA does not fail to bring these creatures in close proximity to humans as guests are led by competent trainers to meet and feed these creatures. The Dolphins are the most popular creatures in the aquarium as they are highly sociable and ever-willing to make new friends.

There exist other encounters and activities within the Georgia Aquarium that are sure to make Atlanta GA on of your best vacation experience, these include Sea Otter encounter and the Prehistoric Seas VR transporter.

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