Privacy Fences

The primary purpose of installing a privacy fence is to protect your yard from trespassers and also to offer a bit of privacy from your closest neighbors. Sometimes, it may even increase the value of the property. However, you can only get all these benefits if your privacy fence is installed by South Atlanta Fence Company.

Materials we use

When it comes to privacy fences, we make use of 4 different materials: wood, vinyl, stone/concrete, and aluminum. An additional option that improves the aesthetics of your home is plantation. That is, we plant bushes or shrubs around the perimeter of your home to act as privacy screens. This choice is rather different from the rest of the materials, but it’s a viable option depending on your preference and situation.

Wood is the most common option due to its cheap installation cost and considerably strong durability. However, it has a high maintenance cost and tends to be problematic in areas where the weather is harsh or damp. Rotting or drying wood fence will easily break in no time.

It’s always worth it to maintain the fence than to repair them because it’s a waste of time to try to stuff in cracked panels. Getting a professional to replace and ensure the rest of the fence is in good condition would be the best option.

Vinyl is a plastic material that can be made to look like a wood fence. They are usually expensive on initial installation, but durable during its lifetime. They require minimum maintenance as they don’t rot or rust from weather or microorganism. But the problem with vinyl is that it cannot be repaired. Once it cracks, the most viable option is usually to replace it.

Replacing private vinyl fence can take a lot of time because it won’t just be one panel. Some of you might have an entire section in horrible condition! South Atlanta Fence Company is there to help you maintain, clean and replace the necessary sections.

A concrete/stone privacy fence is undoubtedly the strongest contender in terms of durability. Made of materials that do not submit to weather, wind or even insects. However, a stone privacy fence is the most expensive of all. Judging from the weight of the materials, you should know that it requires manpower and technical skills to install it.

Aluminum is a very durable material, better than vinyl in terms of standing against harsh weather. It is considerably lightweight and does not suffer rust like steel or iron. But corrosion is a common issue for aluminum and it can be easily prevented by coating it. Initial installation of the aluminum fence can be quite high although it does not require much care in the long run, similar to vinyl.

On the other hand, long-term maintenance is necessary to make sure that your aluminum fences are standing with their best appearance. Parts that require replacing will be taken care of if you let professionals come and take a look.

Professional care

Our company only employs the best people to care for your privacy fences. They are important to protect your house from unwanted guests and require maintenance from time to time. To make sure that you won’t need to rack up even more money, contact South Atlanta Fence Company for the best results.

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