Privacy Fence

Privacy fences are some of the most common installation requests we receive in the South Atlanta area and when looking for quality service in the city when it comes to these particular fence types, you can count on the expertise that South Atlanta Fence Co. provides. We have been delivering the best fence contractors when it comes to privacy fence services to both commercial and residential properties for many years and have the capability to provide you with the perfect offerings.

Privacy Fence Installation

Whether looking for a wood, vinyl privacy or aluminum fence installation, you can count on the expertise and knowledge of our professionals to deliver results. We have the capability to bring you an installation that will perfectly suit your needs, with the widest variety of material and style choices in the South Atlanta area. Whatever the look you seek to obtain on your property, a quick call to our experts will have you selecting the perfect installation for your needs and booking an expedient appointment with our professional fence contractors. When you need service you can count on, you need South Atlanta Fence Co.

Privacy Fence Repairs

Keeping your fence in the best possible condition is the goal of our professional repair services. No matter the materials that make up your fence, you can count on our experts to bring you fast and effective results to any level of damage. Whether you’ve lost material, experienced breaks or otherwise, a simple phone call to our offices and you will find yourself on the line with a knowledgeable professional ready to bring you the results you’re looking for. When you need affordable and reliable privacy fence repair, you can trust in our expertise.

Gate Repairs

The gate of your privacy fence plays an important role in the overall effectiveness of your installation and no matter which type of fence you have, the material that makes up your gate, or any other circumstances, we have the experience and knowledge needed to bring you fast and dependable repairs. Whether you have an automatic gate or need a new latch, we have the tools, professionals and know-how to bring you a quick and successful gate repair. Keep the entirety of your privacy fence in the best possible condition with just a single phone call to our local area fence company.

Privacy Fence Cost

One of the most common questions we get at South Atlanta Fence Co. is trying to figure out the overall cost of a privacy fence installation up front. Though we would love to be able to give flat, ball-park numbers over the phone, there are many factors that go into the pricing of your fence installation. A vinyl privacy fence will be cheaper than a wrought iron option, the size of the property needs to be taken into account and many other factors. Calling South Atlanta Fence Co. to book an inspection will provide you with the most accurate results when it comes to cost estimates.
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