Experience the World of Coca-Cola in Atlanta Georgia

One of the most unforgettable experiences Atlanta Georgia has to offer is the world of Coca-Cola tour. Coca-Cola spared no detail in providing users with an amazing view of the brand, its vision and its importance in our society. Being arguably one of the largest food businesses in the world and FMCG manufacturer, Coca-Cola sure knows how to capture and retain the interest of visitors for their entire day, although the entire facility can be covered within 2 hours.

The world of Coca-Cola is in operation every day except Saturdays within the time of 10 am to 5 pm (Friday visitation starts by 9 am). This tourist destination teems with activities such as visiting the vault containing the Coca-Cola secret formula, tasting over 100 different coca cola beverages and even watching a 4D movie. We have taken the liberty to describe a series of fun-filled activity within the world of Coca-Cola that would keep you tethered to Atlanta for years to come.

1. The Milestone of Refreshment: The birth of The Coca-Cola company as we know it stemmed from its 1880 soda fountain sale and a couple of such awe-inspiring artifacts are available at this location. Some of the over 1,000 original artifacts present at the exhibit include the circa soda fountain which served 16 soda flavors (including Coca-Cola), the distinctive 1916 Coca-Cola contour bottle and the 1939 Argentinian Chevrolet delivery truck. This gallery present within Atlanta GA gives you a sense of how the company has fared over the years and how it has built its brand to become an insignia for refreshment and vibrancy.

2. The Loft: This is another important part of the Atlanta GA world of Coca-Cola tour as it offers amazing insight into the amazing culture and heritage the company has built over its almost 130 years of existence. It highlights important international achievements the company has made over the years, from its involvement in sponsoring the Olympics to the 1970s Coca-Cola beach pants, the loft highlights all the organization’s presence in diverse countries and continents. Regardless of our race, or time of visit, the loft has World of Coca-Cola ambassadors that would readily share facts about some of the over 200 artifacts the loft brandishes.

3. 4-D Coca-Cola Theatre: A must-see aspect o this fabulous Atlanta tourist attraction is its 4-D theatre experience. Visitors seat in moving seats embedded with world-class special effects to view first-hand the Coca-Cola movie In Search of the Secret Formula. To heighten user engagement, the movie is offered in 3D and viewers are given complimentary glasses prior to screening. This highly emotional yet intriguing six-minutes movie gives users a glimpse into the personal journeys of diverse people all over the world.

Some other important locations to visit when at this spot include The Vault (where you would learn about the world’s most guarded formula) and the Coca-Cola portrait wall (where visitors see the value-adding initiatives the brand supports globally). This and many more Coca-Cola experience is sure to make your Atlanta Georiga experience most memorable.

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