Best vacation spots in Atlanta Georgia

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​Best vacation spots in Atlanta Georgia

Although initially a military outpost, the city of Atlanta in Georgia has become a leading attraction spot in the South of America as it attracts both globally reputable businesses and millions of visitors. Its economic and aviation prowess has steadily risen over the years with immense benefits all over its reaches. Some of the best vacation spots in Atlanta Georgia are listed below.

1. The Atlanta Botanical Garden: For the nature lovers who plan on visiting this majestic city, this vacation spot is a must-see. Overlain with a wide variety of flowering plants, gardens, and lofty exotic trees, it is a perpetually beautiful vacation spot. From the Winter garden, orchid center, the desert house, to an elevated boardwalk, there is a vast expanse of leafy beauty to behold in the Atlanta Botanical Garden.

2. The Fox Theatre: The Fox center represents one of the most loved Arabian themed design buildings in Georgia. Stemming from its early 1920s establishment the theatre has overgone various transformations and upgrades to the magnificent edifice it is today. Should you be an art and performance enthusiast, the Fox theatre is the crux del-a crux of theatrical masterpieces in Atlanta. From Operas to Ballets and rock concerts, most major forms of entertainments are offered within this property.
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3. Centre for Civil and Human Rights: This modern designed yet historic center serves as a museum for the contents regarding the Jim Crow law. It currently serves as a beacon for global human right movements as it showcases original portraits, speeches, videos and television broadcasts that honor and capture the civil rights movements of the 50s and 60s. Whether you are passionate about gender equality, racial equality or other forms of basic human rights, this is the best vacation spot for you in Atlanta GA.

4. Piedmont Park: This historic park was created on the grounds on which the Battle of Peachtree Creek was fought and it currently is the oldest and biggest park in Atlanta metro. It is so holistic that is sports an aquatic center with a pool and a splash pad and a Green market that caters to the local farmers and shoppers on Saturdays. The Green market also serves as a demonstration platform for local chefs on Saturdays. Asides providing ample running and jogging space, it allows for unleashed animal recreation, children playgrounds, fishing on a lake, a garden etc.

5. High Museum of arts: Adored not only for its amazing architecture but also for its vast collection of artworks dating as far back as the Renaissance, this museum holds a special place in eh hearts of the residents of Atlanta. With a particular focus on 19th-century French masterpieces and 20th Century American art and its considerable European art collection, it is definitely a must-visit for all lovers of arts. Its original structure was designed by the reputable architect Richard Meier. Moreover, the museum is most buzzing during the annual film series to celebrate diverse art forms.

Atlanta GA has such a widely diverse tourist attraction spectrum that it offers something of interest to all personality types.

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