7 DIY Fence Installation Mistakes to Avoid

When it comes to protecting the perimeter of their land or setting up a screen for privacy, the thing most people think of to achieve this is a fence. However, before you begin the process of setting up by yourself, there are certain do’s and don’ts’ we at South Atlanta Fence Co. feel that you should bare in mind. The following are 7 tips on mistakes you should avoid making.

Failing to Confirm Local Zoning Laws

Most tows have certain laws in place when it comes to setting up fences. To prevent the hassle of pulling down the fence and putting it back up again because of certain infringements, it is advisable that you enquire about these laws. Also, be sure to confirm whether or not you need a building permit as certain fence sizes require a permit.

Failing to Plan

There is a saying that goes “if you fail to plan, then you plan to fail”. This is certainly through as lack of a solid plan definitely affects your options when the installation of fences goes awry. When you plan, you give yourself the opportunity to consider all options available to you.

Things such as materials and tool for the fence can be taken care ahead of time. Measurements for the fence can also be noted so you avoid wasting materials and time.

Not Checking out Your Property Lines

Sometimes, the main reason individuals set up fences is to draw a clear line between where there your property starts and stops. But, are you clear on where your property line is? It is important that you know the boundary line of your property to prevent any future problems. You can call us at South Atlanta Fence Co. to help with this.

Failure to Measure Fence Sections

When it comes to fencing, there is a lot of prep you need to do before the actual installation can commence. One of them happens to be measuring the length and height of the fence section before you commence the digging of the post holes. The measurements of the fence sections is what helps in dictating how deep the post holes should be so that the weight of the fence can be appropriately held.

Failure to dig post holes

Do you have to dig post holes? The answer is yes! This might seem tough at first but at the end of the day, what this does is provide a secure hold on the fence to help it withstand external forces. To make sure it is well secured and table, the post holes need to be at least 2ft deep.

Failure to observe the scope of the property

Every property is different. Some are hillier/slopey than the other. Don’t ever make the mistake of assuming that your land is flat as it will lead to uneven fences.

Not learning posting techniques

You need your fence to be thick and sturdy after all, it is meant to offer protection. Therefore, before embarking on fence installation, make sure you are aware of fence posting methods to make the process easier for you.
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